The complete safety of our workers is one of the greatest keys to our success. Taking care of our team helps get the job done right. We provide extensive training and strive to exceed OSHA requirements.

Safety First

Safety is a top priority, our project superintendents and project foremen have been extensively trained in providing a work environment that exceeds OSHA requirements and our equipment is maintained and regularly inspected.
Our position on safety is reflected in our policy and procedures from the Pre-Hire drug and physical screening and New Hire Orientation to the technical safety training for safety sensitive positions.

In-Depth Programs

We have a comprehensive written safety and health program concerning ladders, fall protection, hazard communication, personal protective equipment, other trades hazard exposure, housekeeping, weekly safety meetings, accident reporting and investigating, management and employee responsibilities, installations, drug free workplace, and more.
Our applicable employees are trained in: forklift operation, boom/scissor lift operation, as well as holding weekly safety meetings and Pre-Task Plans Daily.

Safety Orientations

We hold New Hire Orientations with new employees covering: site safety rules, PPE requirements, evacuation instructions, fire extinguisher location, Haz Com program, MSDS location, fall protection, blood borne pathogens, accident reporting, housekeeping, machine guarding, and authority chain of command.

Safety Starts at the Top

Integrity’s Corporate Safety Director is dedicated to keeping its employees safe! It’s a matter of life and death and we don’t take it lightly! Our goal is to provide a safe and profitable experience for each employee. It is our commitment to make this company as safe as humanly possible. There may be any number of potentially dangerous situations that employees will be confronted with. Yet with training, awareness and those helpful reminders from our coworkers we can return each evening to our families unharmed and healthy.

Safety Director

Zach Everett
Safety Director — Brazos Masonry, Inc.

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